About Maasworld

In 2015, Zahida Toufiq Ahmed realized that many elderly women in her community faced limitations due to cultural difference.

Some of these barriers included language, a generation gap, and a lack of companionship. This left many elderly mothers with an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. With many of their adult children busy with their own families, many mothers’ lives lacked fulfillment and happiness.

I wanted to do more. But what? Here came the birth of an organization aimed to provide these women with comradeship and hope. The little of this mission is MAA, rooted in Urdu, which is defined as a mother. The organization with support of dear volunteers began to assist senior mothers, but gradually, as we grew and embraced the community, we realized that the organization was best suited to include all mothers. Our mission is to bring our senior mothers together, supported by junior mothers. The various channels the organization is aimed to provide include: home visits, phone calls, lunches, transportation, activities for social and emotional well-being, as well as learning sessions to help educate them in the use of modern technology. The organization is also intent on providing these elderly mothers with expert advice from physicians in psychology, as well as specialist in various fields of medicine.

As the organization grew, we realized that there was a whole other underprivileged community that needed to be included in the arms of MAA because, essentially, a mother’s heart melts for others who suffer. This changed the concept from MAA to MaasWorld (non-profit organization 501c3). Now, more people in need were included, both locally and internationally. Regardless of age, race, or religion. These communities specially include children with special needs, terminally ill, illiteracy, starving families, single mothers, widows, and those living below the poverty line.